Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random encounters in Lloegyr

Long time, no post, and rest assured, I feel really, really horrible about it. The thing is, the last two sessions revolved around an adventure I'll be reusing at a convention in a fortnight or so, so I won't post anything about it until after that.

Here's something else, though: the "generic" random encounter tables for my faux Dark Ages Britain Lloegyr setting. Generic in the sense that specific areas would have their own tables.

As you see, it's not particularly fantastic insofar that a significant part of it is humans and animals. But that's a conscious choice I took: Lloegyr is a settled, largely mundane land where the truly supernatural is typically limited to certain areas (and the ones that aren't are appropriate to the setting, like Norse giants). Also, I wanted to give "normal" animals a chance to shine: a magical white stag or a blood-red raven feel very mythological and can certainly be the core for an interesting encounter, but only if they get a chance to show up on the random list and aren't muscled out by the plain far-out bizarre.

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  1. Hey cool chart. I like that you have so many "human" entries, because that is what would realistically be encountered.

    As it happens I had a similar idea for an encounter chart. Like yours, mine features the mundane over the mystical or bizarre, although it differs in layout and some of the content.

    Check it out, and let me know what you think.