Saturday, September 10, 2011

Of the Piscine Dimension

Haven't posted for most of the week, naughty me. Hope this makes up for it:

Sustaining Infinity of the Piscine Dimension
Level:  2 (1 with access to plenty of water)

The spell conjures up a head-sized ball of water that can float in one place or rest on a surface at the caster’s wish, and which can be carried in hand if held gingerly. There are 7 fish inside the ball which can be removed one by one and which provide a random effect when swallowed whole:

1-10 Sustenance for an entire day, eater regains 1d6 HP. Can't eat another one until next day.
11-13 Heals 1d6 points of attribute damage or 2d6 HP.
14 Save or magical sleep for 2d6 hours, cannot be awakened. Dreams and visions give (possibly cryptic) answer to one question. If save successful, drowsiness for 1 hour, -1 to all rolls.
15 Ability to speak to aquatic creatures for a day.
16 Hair- and featherless beings become friendly to character, beings with hair or feathers become hostile.
17 Save or go blind. If successful, see in darkness for a day.
18 Racked by pain, cannot attack, defend, walk, or perform any action for a day. Save or lose 1 point from random Attribute.
19 Immune to all (harm- or helpful) effects caused by the waters of the Piscine Dimension.
20 Poison, save at -4 or die. Even with a successful save the victim falls in a coma which can only be cured by water from the Piscine Dimension.

Once all fish are gone, the ball disperses.

Critical failure but confirmation roll succeeds: all fish have negative effects:

1 insatiable hunger
2 stomach cramps: -1d6 HP
3 muteness (1 day)
4 blindness (1 day)
5 scaly skin (-2 CHA, armour chafes, 1 day)
6 can only breath water (1 day)
7 crippling pain (1 day)
8 poison

Lightless Infinity of the Piscine Dimension
Level: 3

The spell turns a pool or well into a gateway to the Piscine Dimension. Anyone jumping into the waters will be picked up by a random current, affected by its magic unless he saves, and delivered to a distant location attuned to that current. Those secured together by a rope or holding hands and succeeding at a STR save will be delivered to the same place. If the receptacle for the spell is prepared in advance with materials at least 1 Bizants' worth, the magical effects of the waters will be negated.

Name of currentLocationEffect
1Water of the True Olm RiverLair of Olm Astral+1 WIS, -1 INT permanently; the character might be accepted by the Olmsfolk as a prophet
2Draft of the Unlit ChannelThe Unlit Channel, in the Dungeon, near the Mask Hall of Barathrón AsterghysSave or flee in fear from all enemies for a day; 5% chance of automatically detecting moving stonework and hidden passages for a year (needs to concentrate to activate ability)
3Zyzlex BileThe FunguspherePoison: -(1d6-1) from random ability, -1d6 HP; 5% chance of poison immunity for a year
4ArkanoxonPool of Blinding Radiance, on the Shining Plain+1 INT, +1 CHA, 4 in 6 chance of blindness, 5% chance of +2 to spellcasting rolls and magic saves for a year
5Derelict WatersPalace of the Pale PrinceAbject sorrow for a day: -2 to all rolls except damage
6NihixSomewhere in the Frozen Hell-2d6 HP from the cold; 5% chance of fire immunity for a year
7Trail of StarsHeavenly Waters+1 WIS, +1 CHA; 25% chance of receiving the Mark of Horrors
8Fasthold CurrentDarkness of Bars and Chains
9YagrachanLake of Dust, in the heart of the Grey Khanateunquenchable thirst for 3 days
10The UndercurrentHunter's Abyss
11Seeper Through the Bright CrackOther Side of the Mirror (roll again to see where exactly on the Other Side
12Current of Blue WaterHeart of the Piscine DimensionRoll a WIS save: Fail - turn into an aquatic creature
Succeed by 5 or less – turn into an elemental creature of water while retain your identity
Suceed by 6+ - gain +1 WIS, permanently able to breathe, speak and fully operate in water, speak with intelligent aquatic creatures

Grand Malediction
Level: 5
The sorcerer utters a curse upon a single victim, prescribing either an ongoing state (such as blindness, wasting disease or poverty), or a singular event (death of all sons, loss of family heirloom etc.). The sorcerer does NOT get to dictate when this state should set in or this event occur, only what is to happen.

In its own time, the curse becomes true. No resistance, no saving throws, nothing. It becomes true.

The uttering of a Grand Malediction is immediately noticed by the Astral Horrors, the Blood Demons and the local god of the land.