Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some spells

These only have provisional levels as they haven't been tested yet.

Calling the Defender of the Brave 
Level 2
Summons a spirit of battle to aid a single target. The target will receive +2 to attack, damage, AC and saves when fighting two enemies, and a further +1 per each additional opponent over two, and will be able to make one extra attack per round (but attacks must be made against separate foes). Any action other then a courageous and immediate attack will cancel the spell - this includes flanking maneuvers, tactical withdrawals, or the use of ranged weapons. As a side effect, the target will feel an irresistible urge to laugh in the face of danger and loudly sing warsongs.

Cradle of Giants
Level 3
This spell can only cast in the presence of great amounts of snow or ice - on Zu, this typically limits its use to the high mountains. Upon the completion of the spell, a randomly determined creature will burst out from the snow or ice. If the spell is performed as described in most sources, the creature has a 50% chance of being friendly to the caster; with the addition of certain long-forgotten elements to the ritual, this chance can be increased up to 90%.

1-5          Meh-Teh 
6-10          Wind Wolf
11-14          Ice Bear
15-17          Woolly Rhinoceros
18-19              Mammoth
20            Behemoth

Meh-Teh (less commonly also known as Yeti) are large, shaggy humanoids. They have the intelligence and cunning of a particularly bright ape and are skilled at tracking and setting up ambushes in frozen areas. 2 HD, AC 12, att. 1d6+1 (bite and strike) 

Wind Wolves are great white or light-grey wolves. Thrice a day they can turn into chilling blasts of wing, crossing great distances at fantastic speeds. They will use this ability to harry prey or escape from danger. 3 HD, AC 14, att. 1d6+1

Ice Bears are mighty and savage white bears. When charging into combat, their snow-white hair becomes a blinding swirl of bright, crystalline sparkles. Those in the immediate vicinity who fail their saves become disoriented for 1d4 rounds, barely able to defend themselves. 3 HD. AC 14, DR 3, att. 1d6+2

Woolly Rhinoceros: 4 HD, AC 14, DR 3, att. 2d6  horn (double on charge) or 3d6 trample

Mammoth: 5HD, AC 14, DR 4, att. 2d6+2 tusks (double if charge) or 4d6 trample

Behemoths are stooped, two-legged mammals creatures that can reach down to a fully grown Tyrannosaurus with their heavy hands and three-foot claws, breaking the reptile's neck with a twist.Their thick, heavy layer of fur and the underlying fat offer better protection against most attacks then the heaviest metal armour. If they manage to grab a human-sized target, they can throw them far in the next round, causing 2d6 points of damage to the victim as well as to whoever was hit by him (requires attack roll). 7 HD, AC 16, DR 5, att. 2* 2d6 grab or 2d6 throw

Three Red Seconds
Level 4
By sacrificing three humans in the evening, the caster summons a horde of lesser demons who build him a sinister red tower on the spot in three seconds. The tower can house up to 50 people in cramped conditions and is an effective defense structure. The sunlight of next morning will cause it to collapse and evaporate within 1 hour after dawn, and astral energy including the casting of any astral spells in the vicinity will cause damage to it (albeit starlight in itself will not be enough to cause significant harm). Increasing the number of sacrifices will increase the area of the tower, incorporating a wall and small outbuildings. A rare version of the spell, shared by the Blood Demons with only a select few, allows the creation of a tower with much greater longevity.

The Ringing of Kurasark’s Bells
Level 5
The spell causes Kurasark’s bells to ring out over a band of heroes (up to 5 people for each level of the caster). The affected become immune to fatigue, fear and any mental effects, and will receive a +1 to attack rolls, saves, AC and current HP. Every time an affected man is slain, the survivors receive a further +1 bonus to the above, up to a maximum of +10. The sound of the bells will inspire all allies and demoralise enemies, and lasts until the next dawn or sunset.

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