Monday, September 05, 2011

Tonight's game

...very quickly. The party continued exploring the Bitter Brambles. They've found a cave they correctly intuited to be the mad hermit's, and placed a Wyvern Watch trap at its entrance. Before doing that, they've check out the inside and found a cave painting with a man holding some ball above his head and birds flying all about. They've moved on, did not investigate a large mound covered in beautiful pastel-coloured roses and swarms of flying, crystalline butterflies. Two of them went in search of a lake they've seen from a distance and found a thick tail hanging out from a thick patch of undergrowth. On a lark they've decided to cut it off, angering a sleeping Ankylosaurus! They've run, avoiding a potentially lethal fight and something interesting.
They've eventually come upon a set of old ruins, similar in style to the village of Stepstone Ford. Combing the ruins, they've found a passageway to an underground complex they've decided to briefly investigate before resting in what seemed like a storeroom. The next day they'ev explored further, finding a pillar with a handprint that activated some lights and caused a hum, strange crystalline eyes peeking out of an unnaturally smooth wall, had the Pnakognomatic Artisan damage some strange, magical metallic roots behind the wall, walked down a corridor several miles long, found an underground hall with a broken crystal dome ceiling to the sky where two Zak Smith Hook Horrors dropped on the Khantúnian. (Can't be arsed to find the specific link on his blog, it's the Monster Manual II redrawing stuff earlier on.) Oh, there was also a nighttime meeting with aforementioned Ankylosaur, too, and some random encounters.
Eventually they went back to the hermit's cave and found the emaciated, wild-haired guy still knocked out by the spirit wyvern after he tried to go home... sometime earlier. They've tied him up, found a rusty knife and a big black rock on him, and marched him back to the village where they were met with great amazement. More later.

Quite a while ago there was an old-school RPG blogger who suggested that no old-school RPG blog entry should go without some new material. For a while, several blogs were, indeed doing that, but I think they've all stopped and forgot that by now. The Headless Horse Archer is here to pick up the slack:

Borgnjor's Revivification
2nd level
This powerful healing spell rapidly heals all wounds, purges poisons and diseases from the body, kills parasites and even regrows lost limbs, eyes or other body parts. However, such a profound effect needs a lot of power to fuel it, and that certainly doesn't come from the magical reserves associated with mere 2nd level magic. Where it comes from is the patient himself, a small part of whose lifeforce is permanently burned up to feed the rejuvenating transformation, causing him to permanently lose 1 point from a random ability.
Yes, it's stolen from Linley's Dungeon Crawl.

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