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Character creation rules for Zu

And now we get to some crunch. When creating a PC for Zu, first you decide your class: Fighting Man, Adventurer, Wizard or one of several Non-human options.

Fighting Man

Level Attack bonus Saving throw AC (unarmoured) HD
1 1 16 11 1d6+2+CON bonus per level
2 2 14 12
3 3 12 13
4 4 10 14
5 5 8 15

Fighting Men can use all weapons (with a few rare exceptions) and armour. A Fighting Man character can choose to belong to a particular subtype and receive its bonuses (and penalties). Those who choose not to do so get to roll their new Hit Points twice and take the better result when gaining a level.

Lowlander Monster Slayer
Receives a +1 to his attack rolls when attacking a monster. At third or higher level, the bonus extends to damage rolls as well; at fifth level, both bonuses increase to +2.

Ankuran Janissary
Starts the game knowing the prayers and rituals necessary to operate the blessed weapons of the Empire. Starts with a small and simple Spirit House (small hand cannon) and enough ritual components for 6 uses OR with 2 single-use, pre-blessed Spirit Houses.

Rayyashid Mamluk
Receives +2 to his saving throw for horseriding-related rolls, and a  +1 to attack rolls when fighting from horseback. This increase to +4 and +2 respectively at third level.

Khantúnian Bushi
Can concentrate his Chi once per day (twice at third, thrice at fifth level). Receives a +4 to attack rolls and saving throws, and +2 to AC and close combat damage for one round.

Hāāā Plains Barbarian
Receives +1 Hit Point per level. Gains the ability to attack twice per round at third, and three times per round at fifth level. Receives +2 to AC. On the downside, he cannot wear any armour (helmets and shields are allowed); his extreme superstition causes him to suffer a -4 penalty to saving throws against any form of magic; and he must make a save (as against magic) when consciouly trying to tell a lie - if he fails, his inherent primitive honesty forces him to speak the truth.

Rotwalder Volkschmitt
Besides being a competent warrior, he is also a trained smith. Given the necessary tools (which such characters typically start the game with), he can quickly repair splintered shields & helmets by making a saving throw. Other repairs and similar blacksmithing activities typically require more time and better equipment than what can be assumed during an adventure.


Level Attack bonus Saving throw AC (unarmoured) HD
1 0 14 10 1d6+1+CON bonus per level
2 1 12 11
3 2 10 11
4 2 8 12
5 3 6 13

Adventurers live by their skills and wit rather than their combat prowess. As such, they can wield any one-handed weapon and wear light or medium armour. When attempting actions appropriate to their class orientation (such would include climbing, sneaking, acts of legerdemain or appraising the value of treasure), they receive a +1 to their saving throw. If an Adventurer character picks no subtype, he receives a +1 to either his attack bonus or AC.

Lowlander Ranger
Receives a +2 bonus to his saving throw when using it for navigation, pathfinding, tracking or sneaking/hiding in the wilderness.

Urban Thief
Receives and extra +1 to saving throw when attempting any sort of urban skulduggery (such as picking pocket, losing a tail in a crowd, running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop or bribing a guard). He can only wear light armour.

Rayyashid Nobleman
He receives a +1 to saving throws when trying to influence people, and starts with the skill of horseriding (but unlike a mamluk, doesn't receive any bonuses to it). Has a very limited illusionist ability, usable once per week if he makes a saving throw modified by his WIS bonus. This is restricted to replicating the effects of mirage: a green line of vegetation on the horizon, light glinting off of nonexistent metal helmets in the distance, a party of travellers falsely appearing to be in the distance, etc. Can only be used in wide open environments such as the desert or the ocean.

Hāāā Plains Reptile Hunter
Receives a +2 to saving throws when handling, riding, training, calming down or otherwise interacting with reptiles. As a downside, loses all special saving throw bonuses that assume a certain level of cultural sophistication (e.g. value appraisal).

Rotwalder Gildesschmitt
Can repair splintered shields and helmets like a Volkschmitt. Starts with the knowledge of random 2 runes and gains another 2 every level. Can wear any type of armour, but receives no bonuses to adventurer's skills.


Level Attack bonus Saving throw AC (unarmoured) HD
1 0 16 10 1d6+CON bonus per level
2 0 14 10
3 0 12 10
4 0 10 10
5 0 8 10

A Wizard character can wear no armour, and is restricted to the use of daggers, staves, whips & scourges, and one freely chosen one-handed weapon type. They start the game with 3 random spells. At the DM's discretion, he can choose how many of these should be 1st, 2nd or variable level spells. A Wizard who chooses no subtype is called a  Sorcerer and gains a +1 bonus to his spellcasting rolls.

Shamans only start with one spell and always cast their spells as a first level character. However, they can interact with the normally unseen spirits of the world if they make a successful spellcasting roll with their WIS bonus as a modifier. Such actions count as magic use, and thus have their HP cost.

Typical uses & appropriate difficulty levels:
See (or hear) nearby spirits1
Identify a spirithalf of the spirit's level (rounded down)
Talk to a spirit1 (or 3 if the spirit is hostile)
Attract nearby spirits from the area2 (or 3 for particularly reclusive ones
Repulse all spirits from immediate vicinity3
Give a command to a spirit4
Bind a spirit to an object or chase it away5

Rotwalder Hohesschmitt
 A Hohesschmitt starts the game with kowledge of 4 random runes and gains another 3 at every new level. Additionally, he is a fully capable weaponsmith and can wear all types of armour.

Still in the works:
Demonologist (though it might be just a Sorcerer with a specific spell loadout).

Nonhumans will be done later.

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