Friday, August 19, 2011

You want a randomly generated divine idol for you game? The Headless Horse Archer delivers!

Note: even though all posts so far revolved around the World of Zu setting, this blog is in no way meant to be a single-world blog or a single campaign documentation. Here, for instance, is something I wrote for a completely different game I intend to run sometime in the future, one that revolves around stone age tribes, divine idols and Polynesian/Mesoamerican aesthetics. And flying sharks. What we have here below is a set of tables for randomly generating a divine totem. It's not quite complete - it would be nice to also have a random table for exactly what magical effects they can bestow on petitioners -, but this is as far as it's been written up as of now.

Note: The only way of doing tables in Blogger I know of is to code them manually in HTML and hope the formatting comes out as usable. Sorry for the mess. The intention is that a single column can refer to several previous lines. For instance, if you roll "2" for appearance, then you next roll 1d6 to see if it's a humanoid, animal/monster or plant shape. Then you roll another d6 to see if it's rough or finely worked, which goes for whichever shape you rolled.


2figurative1-2 humanoid1-4 crude1-4 full (partial for humanoid)
3-4 animal/monster5-6 lifelike5-6 partial (full for humanoid)
5-6 plant
3unworked stone
6negative space (pit, cleft, etc.)
7group of small, separate pieces(roll again for type of pieces)1-4 organised layout
5-6 random layout
8compound, 2-5 elements1-3 uniform style
4-6 mixed style


1-3: 1 effect
4-6: 2-7 effects

1fire1-3 fully covered1-2 normal firenormal burn
4-6 partially covered3-4 colourful flame4-6 magical effect
5-6 special (sparks, sticky flames, etc.)
2water/ice1-2 normal1-3 normal effect
3-4 colourful4-6 magical effect
5-6 other (flows upwards, shifting ice, evaporation, etc.)
3air (whirlwind, cloud pillar, mist shapes etc.) 1-3 normal effect
5-6 magical effect
4light (halo, glimmer, inverted shadow, etc.)1-3 normal effect
5-6 magical effect
5sound1-3 positive/neutral1-3 no special effect
3-4 sinister4-6 magical effect
6movement1-2 hover/float
3-4 rotate
5-6 pulsate/throb
7heat1-3 warm/hot1-3 only to touch1-3 no magical effect
4-6 cold4-6 radiating4-6 magical effect on touch
8emotion1-3 positive(calmness, safety, happiness etc.)
4-6 negative(fear, anger, confusion etc.)


1-2speech1-2 whisper
3-4 normal speech
5-6 thundering roar
3telepathy1-2 weak, simple1-3 "heard" by one person
3-4 medium strength4-6 "heard" by everyone nearby
5-6 overwhelming, complex
4through a speaker1-3 human1-2 marked individual
4-6 animal/monster3-4 anyone
5-6 sacrifice
8thought implanted into subject1-2 weak temptation
3-4 moderate inducement
5-6 overriding obsession


  1. Cool! I'm going to roll some up for my dungeon.

  2. Cool! This will come very useful to roll up idols with horrible curses and magical effects for my upcoming campaign. This is a very useful blog, thank you!

  3. I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog Premier, thanks for sharing.

    For tables I find it easier to just do one up in Word, covert Word to PDF and then take a snapshot of the table. Upload the pic of the table to the blog - no mucking around with html that way.