Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick note, just for the history books

First Zu session done. Spent quite a while explaining houserules and character creation options, so not all that much gaming got done, but we'll continue next week. Forgot to print the recentmost versions of some files and the complete equipment list, but that's good because it made me think on my feet.

The historic First Zu Party includes Qabar the Shaper, wizard extraordinaire and his Pnakognomatic Artisan servant; Cassandra the Lowlander ranger, Tui Chi the bushi from Khantún, and Echidna, the bear-statured humanoid beastwoman with a reasonably prehensile tail, scales, great sense of smell and self-healing slime covering her body. I didn't get some Mutant Future in my D&D, I've put some Mutant Future in there. Their first kill was a Thornhorse, a sort of demonic animated topiary creature. Half of its hit points were destroyed by a well-placed rhyme. Yes, really.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I'll look forward to detailed session reports if you plan to provide them.