Thursday, August 11, 2011

First post

Well, here we are, creating a blog after so many years spent on various old-school D&D forums. Who would have thought? At any rate, if you come from one of those forums, you know me as 'Premier'.

The purpose of this blog is to gently force myself into actually writing up the various ideas and half-sentence notes I have. Note that these are ideas and notes on old-school D&D CONTENT. Not opinions. While no offense is intended towards any opinion bloggers, I'm just not here for that game. This blog here is for spells, monsters, magic items, setting writeups, house rule musings, the works. Quite a few of them untested - yet -, so also some "mad scientist's laboratory" vibes: I'll run a game where armour decreases damage and magic isn't Vancian, and I'm sure as hell going to call it OD&D. Why? TO SHOW THEM!!! Muahahaha!

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  1. Amen brother! I like your philosophy and share it myself. Love the content so far, too.